I’m afraid the podcast seems to be defunct. I wasn’t really able to turn it into the collaborative round-robin project I’d originally envisioned due to logistical reasons, and I’d recorded a second episode with a friend right before the pandemic began, but quickly became overwhelmed in the face of zero childcare for a year and a half. When my kid finally went back to school and I had a bit more breathing room, I had to consider whether to try to resurrect the podcast. Ultimately I worried that the whole “cottage” vibe had been co-opted by certain unsavory elements, and while that sort of thing is always worthy of reclamation, I wasn’t sure that I personally had the grit to do it. Ultimately I wound up discontinuing my libsyn account, and I’ll probably discontinue this site as well, unless someone else has ideas for the domain and would like to take it over. Let me know, if so!